Pottery Tea Pot Repair With Super Sculpey Polymer Clay

Earlier this month I went to a garage sale that had quite a bit of handmade pottery items.  I love collecting handmade pottery, American Pottery, Hull and McCoy pottery.  I had originally decided to go to this garage sale in particular in hopes for what looked like a Hull or McCoy Tea pot in the brown drip that I love.  However…that particular tea pot ended up not being a Hull or McCoy, it didn’t even have USA imprinted on the bottom, so I passed.  What I did pick up was a great basket that I now store my sewing machine cords and items in that I need really available as well as a new handmade tea pot.

Now , I can rarely go anywhere without my two hoodlums, I mean perfectly behaved 3 and 7 year olds.  I am just as surprised as you are that I came home to find out the tea pot that I purchased had 2 small chips in the spout!  I mean how could I have missed something like that going to a garage sale in a Pandemic with two kids in 95 degree heat.  Crazy, I know.

So when I discovered these chips in the pottery I thought ‘well shooot….’ Its not like I can return this.  I can’t resell this.  So HOW DO I FIX THIS?  Well.  I figured it out and I did, I fixed it.  I recorded the entire process of how I fixed this handmade clay tea pot with Sculpey Polymer Clay.  Take a watch and see how I did the repair.  I must say that the confidence to even contemplate this repair was given to me by watching both seasons of Repair Shop and I am so thankful to them for the confidence and inspiration to attempt this.

I think this repair with Sculpey Polymer Clay was very successful. I hope you enjoyed watching how I repaired this pottery tea pot and let the know down in the comments below if you have tried fixing any pottery items yourself and how did it go? Also, I have an entire series dedicated to Making Your House a Home on A Dime. Go ahead and click here for more ideas on how to make your house a home with DIYs and Upcycling ideas <3

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