Free PDF Traceable Pattern ‘Ghoul Squad’ Vintage Truck By Brianna Lentz for Acrylic or Decorative Painting, Embroidery, Punch Needle and More

Free PDF Tracing Pattern ‘Ghoul Squad’ By Brianna Lentz for Acrylic or Decorative Painting, Embroidery, Punch Needle and More — Original Artwork and Design by Brianna Lentz

I recently started drawing and painting again.  The first thing I felt inspired to make something was autumnal and Halloweeny.  I have always wanted to give a go at my own Vintage Truck illustration and Ghoul Squad quickly came to be.  Another fun thing I thought I can do is provide simple free downloadable traceable patterns for you to make your own illustrations with a simple starting point.  I have a background in decorative painting and embroidery and thought why not start making these illustrations free for you to create your own art with.

In this post for Ghoul Squad I will be providing you a free downloadable PDF pattern that is what I used to make this painting of ghoul squad.  I will also be providing you a free downloadable PDF file which contains my supply list used if you are curious to see what colors and tools I used to achieve this exact illustration. 

Ghoul Squad Painting 1 With Signature Brianna Lentz copy-2

The painting I am sharing with you today was made using acrylic paint on acrylic weight paper  with detail using micron pens.

I want to also say that these patterns can easily be adapted to embroidery or even punch needle.  The world is your oyster.  Once you save this file to your computer or even print on your printer you have the ability to make the image smaller or larger to fit your needs.  

I do ask that you give credit to me as the original designer for this illustration.  That would be so wonderful, for I am the inspiration that did provide the framework for your future piece.  Thank you so much.

Downloads are found Here:

Ghoul Squad Downloadable PDF Tracing Pattern by Brianna Lentz

‘Ghoul Squad’ by Brianna Lentz Supply List PDF Download

Watch me paint Ghoul Squad Here!

I can’t wait to see your work with this.  If you post to social media please use the tag #BLGhoulSquad <3




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