Post #100


This is post #100. One hundred posts by me in 2019.  Something I wasn’t sure would be possible to achieve this year.  

I started this website in January and posted a little bit that month and a little bit more in February.   I really tried to establish something before we moved in March. When we did move from Colorado to Oklahoma in March I took about 3 months off of this website entirely.  I wasn’t really sure what I wanted this website to be, and honestly the content of this site continues to grow organically. I began posting again in the summer and when my oldest daughter went back to school I decided to give this website my time and effort again after everyone in my family seemed to be well adjusted to the move.  As the homemaker,  a lot of that emotional well being in the house is left up to me to nourish and take care of the best that  I can and when you move from state to state of course you can’t really guess how long that can take.  Along with emotional adjustments to a new area we accumulated a dog and chickens and had to learn how to begin to take care of 5 acres.  Together, my husband and I were above our eyelids in new responsibilities.  We all needed me to take that 3 months off and just be entirely present.

However, things did start to slow down towards then end of Summer and I made the time and effort to post some but not regularly here again.  Then, I decided to start selling items on eBay again.  Then, I made myself a project bag and that spurred me reopening my Etsy store. (Which, I have to say I have been able to make profitable and that is amazing.  Thank you to everyone who has supported my small business on Etsy). 

By October I decided I had a goal to reach 100 posts by the end of the year.  I wanted to start off the new year with post #101.  To accomplish this I would have to post about 5 times a week.  This was a new level of commitment for me and I think I did well with that content still being valuable to you as a reader.  I managed to post new free patterns, a lot of new crafts, recipes and share a lot of our outdoor adventures with you.  This challenge helped me build content for my site, so I knew what type of content I wanted to share more of with you in the upcoming year.

A lot of people say to streamline and niche yourself to be successful.  Well… as you all know I don’t sit still and focus on one idea very well.  I do my best when I am flooded and overwhelmed with multiple tasks and Ideas to research, work on, complete, and plan ahead for.  This means I run a diverse content site.  That is me and that is that.  Thank you for accompanying me on this journey of mixed subjects.  I have fallen absolutely in love with every aspect of this website and am really looking forward to 2020.  

I have seen where this website could take me, with this being just the beginning and I really believe my hopes and dreams to make a profit from my efforts on this site can be a reality.  In November I saw a 4000% increase in revenue for my Adsense and I have you to thank for each click on each ad you have made.  I have a lot of goals for next year on how to make my website receive more traffic and to give you even more valuable content. I love that this allows me to share and be creative with food, art and writing all the while being a stay at home mom to my young girls and for my husband who works a lot of hours for me to stay home with our kids. 

How can I not give this everything I have in 2020? 

I will share more of what that looks like with you next year in post 101.  I hope to see you there <3

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