Lentz Christmas 2019

Welp, Christmas is over and that is done.  New Years is next week and I have already seen about 7 different people post about Valentine’s Day on my Instagram feed.

We had a great first Christmas here in Oklahoma.  My husband had the day off which was wonderful.  He had to work Christmas Eve but was off by mid afternoon which was a nice surprise, we were both expecting him to work until about 6 that night.

You know that is something that isn’t talked about very much, people working on Christmas.  Most people think about all the people who work grocery and retail having Christmas off, and good for them, and it is true good for them.  However, there are still a lot of jobs that still require you to work over Christmas.  There are a lot of things in our country and world that cannot stop because it is a Holiday.

This year was our 10th Christmas together as couple and only the 3rd Christmas he didn’t have to work.  The reason being his scheduled days off are Wednesday and Thursday and Christmas landed this year on a Wednesday.  It was a gift in itself to have our 4 people family be all home together on our first Christmas out here in Oklahoma by ourselves.

We enjoyed the day with good food, presents and a lot of relaxation.  

I made a sticky bun recipe that I didn’t really research, I just found it and tried it and winged it and it turned out delicious.  Since it was just us we made up our own rules and ate what we wanted when we wanted.  I had made two loaves of Holy Grail Bread and Jason made a delicious spinach/artichoke/seafood parmesan dip that was delicious and we ate it with that.  Then he cooked up a steak and we had some of that too.  (We love surf and turf for Christmas.)

I have been enjoying some good coffee and sock knitting lately, which has been nice to be successfully knitting a sock.  I turned my heel and knit the entire gusset without one single mistake.  I never thought that would happen.  I have also been reading a lot at night.  That has also been really nice, to read and finish a book and not feel like it is a chore to finish the book like it began to feel with It.

Anyways, the next day we continued Christmas by just enjoying the ability to stop and have time together this Christmas and soak in the past year and all that we have done together as a family, where we this time last year and where we are now.  It is also incredible to think of how much our girls have grown since last Christmas.  One of the best things and new things for me was the sound of our rooster Chad all Christmas weekend long.  A rooster cockadoodle doodling was a new sound to my Christmas memory playlist lol.

I hope you had a great Christmas.  Have you started taking down Christmas decorations yet?  I normally leave them up for New Years, but not this year.  I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday and all of Christmas is torn down and tucked away until next year.  One less thing for me to think about and it is liberating.  That has been just about it for me …

There are only a few days left in the year and I promise to visit with you one more time before the decade changes <3

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