Handknit Yellow Socks for my Toddler Size 5/6

This past week I knit socks for my 2 year old who wears a size 5/6 shoe using a pattern called Munchkin’s Toddler Socks from Squigglidinks.

Here is what you need to make these same socks:

  • Pattern: Munchkin’s Toddler Socks from Squigglidinks
  • Worsted Weight Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash in color Semolina
  • Knitting Needles: Size 8 DPNS or size 8 needles with at least a 32″ cord for magic loop
  •  – I used both DPNS and magic loop
  • Tapestry Needle

Handknit Yellow Socks 2

My daughter LOVES and is OBSESSED with the color yellow.  Not sure if her love for yellow came from the yellow school bus her sister goes on every morning or the amount of yellow in her favorite Disney movie Cinderella, but nevertheless she loves yellow.

She was also born in May and is what you would definitely refer to as a Summer baby.  As soon as this kid is in the door, socks and shoes are torn off no matter what.  My 6 year old was born in December and is what you would call a Winter baby and would wear socks in the hot humid Summer of Oklahoma no problem.  Julz however, my toddler, doesn’t even want to wear slippers.  Not even unicorn slippers.

Unfortunately for her it does get cold in Oklahoma and she does need to wear socks.  So, after a few very logical conversations with her she said she wants yellow socks.  Well… did you know that yellow socks are hard to find?  There was a package of yellow socks on Amazon that I could have bought in a size a bit big for her but we decided not to buy it.

But then Knit Picks had its Winter Sale a week or two ago and I was like umm, I will KNIT HER YELLOW SOCKS and it will be great.

-Let me take a sec here and tell you that because of Knit Picks’ Winter sale I was able to knit her these 100% wool socks for less than $2.  I am tagging this in my Make Your House a Home on a Dime Series

Well, you know what else? It was great.  I want to be clear here with you I am not the best knitter, I just am not. Maybe one day but not now.  And this pattern I found was a knitting pattern for worsted weight knit socks in her exact shoe size.  And I thought here we go.  This pattern is going to tell me exactly what I need to do.  Also, the pattern is free.  You know how I love free patterns.

The pattern was easy to follow and I did make successful socks following her pattern so I decided I wanted to share her website and her free pattern here so maybe we can help spread the love.  I wish there were more shout outs between project makers for smaller and lesser known handmade participants.  On here that is what I hope to share more of on http://www.briannalentz.com this coming year, not just my free patterns but others as well.

Anyways, Julz wore these socks in her cowgirl boots to her sister’s Christmas Concert last night and she seemed to really like them.  She also loved seeing that I was actively working on making something special for her.  She kept touching the socks in progress and would say “YELLOW SOCKS!” and I would tell her yep and they were for her and she would reply “MEeeeee?!?!?!” and be super happy.  And that is why she is getting hand knit socks this year.  She is super into the handmade things I have been making her, there is an appreciation and value there for her.  It’s so much fun to make her things when they bring her so much joy.  I will definitely be making more of these for her <3

*Note* The socks in my pictures are hand knit by me and are not blocked.  No time to block your socks when your toddler wants to wear them right then and now 🙂


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