Pecan Bread or Pecan Blondie?

The other day my husband asked me to make pecan bread with the pecans we got locally a couple weeks ago.  Instead of just experimenting with my own bread recipes I jumped online and found this recipe for Pecan Bread from and I thought it sounded interesting and different.  I am all into different lately.

I read through the recipe a couple of times and thought it looked a little gooey in the pictures, but my assumption was that it would be similar to a cornbread.  This morning I got to making the recipe, and this is when I realized it required an entire cup of oil!  It is also at this point I said to myself, “Oh boy… this is going to be more like a brownie or a blondie and not a dry cornbread…”  I also made the mistake of overlooking that the recipe required self-rising flour and not all purpose flour. So I went to reading the comments while this “pecan bread” baked in the oven and people were saying if you didn’t use self-rising flour that you should have added baking soda.

Well…it definitely did not come out like a bread.  And even if I had used self-rising flour or baking soda I still do not think it would have come out as an airy texture like any sort of bread recipe… it would definitely have a blondie or brownie texture.

So I decided to look up blondie recipes and then pecan blondie recipes.  The only difference that I could find between those blondie recipes and this “pecan bread” is that you use 1 cup of melted butter instead of 1 cup of oil.. and they all label themselves as Southern recipes.

Which by the way, this tastes extremely southern to me.  Having not grown up in the South and then having made some of these very southern labeled recipes this definitely is a southern flavor and texture.


So in conclusion, I made this Sweet Alabama Pecan Bread recipe and it is delicious.  It is a bit oily, and I would not make this recipe again with oil.  I would just make it with melted butter, and use salted butter at that because it definitely needed just a little  bit of salt to cut the sweetness.

I think if you like anything a la mode then you will love this.  I, personally, will enjoy many servings of this warmed with vanilla ice cream because if you like warm blondies or brownies with ice cream then you will love this.

You know, sometimes with my food,  I like to be extra and I can definitely imagine someone serving this with banana brûlée as a side to this or some poached pears or even better make it a deconstructed apple pie with warm cinnamon apples… yes. yes. yes.  That would all be so good.

Also, I am inspired to make an actual pecan bread with this, maybe with a delicious cinnamon cake.  Oh my goodness…coffee cake but with chopped pecans inside with ribbons of cinnamon.  Maybe I will need to make that and post it before Christmas or before New Years and make it for Christmas morning.  I grew up with a tradition of Coffee Cake on Christmas morning, but to make it with local pecans oh my goodness… or candied pecans mixed inside the topping – yes. That would be good and needs to happen like a sticky coffee cake. Ok, well I am officially inspired.

Have you made this before?  What do you think?  Does a blondie have to be made with butter?  Or can a blondie still be a blondie if it is made with oil?  I have some googling to do and I am inspired so bye for now <3



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