3 Gallon Crock by Eagle Pottery in Benton Arkansas – Consignment Shop Finds in Oklahoma

Eagle Pottery 3 Gallon Crock Benton Arkansas Main Photo

I was in my local Quality Consignment Shop, Treasure Trunk, here in McAlester, Oklahoma this week and I found the most wonderful thing.  I found an old crock with it’s matching lid.

It is written on the bottom to be rare and to have been made by Eagle Pottery which originates in Benton, Arkansas.  This pottery is said to have been the parent company of Noliak Pottery, from what I have read and researched online.

I do believe that this is rare because the stamp is not a common image I have found associated with said Eagle Pottery.   If you look at the pictures the stamp clearly says Eagle Pottery and then Benton, Arkansas.  The lid has a stamped 3 for 3 gallons on the top.  I do not think this is a replica, I do very much believe this is legitimate and is just a very happy and rare find for me.  I will be looking at everything I see now for the name Noliak and Eagle just like I hunt for McCoy and Hull.

My guess, from researching these crocks, is that this is most likely to have been made in the 1930s.  My second guess would be the 1910s.  This is going off of reference from this site where it has logged some of the stamps that can be found from antique Arkansas Pottery.

The crock is valued at $135, no way to tell if that was sold in an antique mall for $135, but I can tell you I did not pay close to $135 for this.  I paid much much less.  Doing a quick search on eBay tells me that this is $135 number is a current fair to low price for a crock like this because it does have it’s coordinating lid as well.

Anyways, I brought this home and it now sits in my front room in this little corner where it brings me so much joy.  I love that I live in an area where I can find affordable antiques, and in my local Quality Consignment shop of all places, where I also bought my daughter lightly used pink high top converse and myself a very nice shirt that I wore to my daughter’s Christmas Concert last night.

Needless to say,  I love you Oklahoma.



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