Christmas Pillow DIY

Today I sewed up this vintage Christmas pillow cover with a buffalo plaid back to sit in the chair that is in my front room.  This is the same room where I have my Rustic Christmas Tree with Buffalo Plaid I shared with you earlier and similar to that post this project is definitely added to my How to Make Your House a Home on a Dime Series.

I wanted to share this easy Christmas DIY with you because this simple project made a big impact on my room for Christmas home decor.  Before this pillow cover was made, this pillow had on the bird pillowcase I shared with you over the summer, with the measurements on how to make the 26″ Ikea Envelope Pillow Cover.

I followed the same tutorial and steps as I describe to you in that same post.  Clicking this link will take you right to it.

Christmas 2019 Envelope Pillow Cover 3

This is such a cost effective and space saving project for Christmas decor.  You need 27″ of front fabric and 27″ of backing fabric.  I got both of these fabrics from Hobby Lobby this year.  Hobby Lobby has some of the cutest Christmas fabric this year.  The nice thing about this front fabric is that it has a heavier weight to it, similar to home decor fabric and duck cloth.  Please remember to prewash your fabric before sewing this up.  Trust me, you will be so happy with yourself next year that you can wash it before putting it on your pillow and have it smell nice and fresh!  or if someone spills a piece of Christmas pie on it you can wash it without worry!

Christmas 2019 Envelope Pillow Cover 4

Now that you can see the entire corner in the picture above, you can really see the impact this pillow makes on the rest of the room.  I am in love with this project.  It took me an hour from start to finish.  That is also while entertaining my 2 year old while she “sewed with mommy” and made this pillow with me.  I love that I can take this pillow case off at the end of the Christmas season and fold it flat and put it away until next year without having had added yet another pillow to my Christmas totes.



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