Rustic Christmas Tree with Buffalo Plaid

Hello! Happy Cyber Monday!  I am happy to report that all the things I had in my wish list that I hoped would go on sale never did…even on Cyber Monday.  So hooray to me I did not spend any extra money.  Even if I did save BIG on this tree.  This post ties into my How to Make Your a House a Home on a Dime Series.  I decorated this Rustic Christmas Tree for super cheap. So let’s break this down:

Rustic Tree 2019 Image1

1st of all – this tree is a $22 6 foot artificial Christmas tree. I have it linked here.  ( No it is not an affiliate link – though I do wish I had one with Wal Mart!)

Rustic Tree 2019 Image9


The tree skirt is a yard of clearance burlap fabric I got from Wal Mart & I paid $1.68 for it.

Rustic Tree 2019 Image7

The tree topper is a star ornament with bells from the current 2019 ornament section at Wal Mart and it cost $1.98.

Rustic Tree 2019 Image4

The garland are those wooden balls for faux cranberries and I received 4 strands of these from my mother-in-law last year from her stash.  Thanks Grammy!  These seem to be popular this year again and I did see some being sold at Michaels – all I can say is I hope you can use a coupon for it.

Rustic Tree 2019 Image5

Animal Ornaments – I have been collecting rustic animal ornaments for the last 5 years.  Each year I would allow myself to buy 4 ornaments or a set of coordinating ornaments and now I have enough to have a complete tree with them.  I collected these from stores like Michaels, Target, and Wal Mart.

Rustic Tree 2019 Image6

All other large ornaments – All other ornaments came from Dollar Tree and Wal Mart.  I bought the LOVE JOY and PEACE ornaments when they first hit Dollar Tree in I think October.  The cashier thought I was nuts and I said if I don’t buy them now then I won’t find them again — guess what…they have been gone ever since.  Some of the ornaments at Dollar Tree were really great quality this year.  Definitely competitive with Hobby Lobby in my opinion.

The little ornaments are marketed for 18″ tree decorations.  I bought some for fillers instead of ball ornaments this year.

Bows – A package of buffalo plaid bows from Wal Mart I think for $1.98

Rustic Tree with Buffalo Plaid Stockings

Now – the most expensive thing in these pictures are the buffalo plaid stockings.

I purchased these from Bass Pro Shop this year and they were a present from my husband.  They were $14.99 each at regular price.  I have wanted these I think for at least 3 years but I would never spend the money – this year he said let’s get them and I am so glad I did!

Sometimes the best thing about saving money in other places is that you have little eggs saved up to spend or splurge on something fun somewhere else!

The stockings are hanging on hooks I purchased from Hobby Lobby for $10.  They were 50% off regular priced $19.99.  I really like them, they are sturdy and easy to use.  I highly recommend them!

Decorating this tree was a lot of fun this year.  One of my favorite spots in the house also sits right by this tree and I love just hanging out with it in the room.  I love decorating for Christmas and have more to share with you so stay tuned!  Hope your December is off to a great start <3

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