Brianna Lentz Project Bags and Zipper Pouches for Sale on eBay

Brianna Lentz Bags Main Photo

Today I have an announcement!  I have come out of bag making retirement to sell some more this Holiday Season.  Fall, Halloween, Winter and Christmas Bags.  And because I am having so much success with my listings on eBay so far, I thought I would keep that train going by listing my bags on eBay as well.  It is such a quick and easy and safe way to purchase items until I have my website set up for listed items for sale <3

Here is a video I made yesterday of me making my 10″ Retro Halloween Zipper Bag. I thought it would be rad to see the bags being made that I have up for sale!

Like I mentioned before I am working on selling my handmade items directly through my website, stay tuned for that! But until then click the picture and it will direct link you to the item for sale on eBay! Come on over and snag some of these bags before they are gone!  Some I can make more of, others are gone when they sellout.  Go and get yours now!

10 inch Retro Halloween Project Bag

14 inch Halloween Fun Zipper Project Bag

10 inch Vintage Fall Zipper Project Bag

14 inch Pumpkin Spice Zipper Project Bag

Also, I just want to add that these bags are so much more useful than just arts and crafts.  I make these bags for my kids toys, I use one as my car diaper bag, I use these bags for my crafts, for road trips and journals.  These bags are great gifts for literally anyone in your life, even yourself.  Come on over and take a look.  Also, remember each purchase made brings me one step closer to my chop saw and all tools I need for my new adventure in wood crafts and it is so very much appreciated.

Hope you all have a great weekend <3

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