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McAlester, Oklahoma is what my husband and I refer to as a little big town.  You can’t quite call it a small town, but its not big enough for a local Joann’s Fabrics or Michaels.

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Fortunately, it is small enough and yet big enough for there to still be a need for a local quilt shop in town and I absolutely love that!  This week I finally ventured inside the little quilt shop on the other side of town from where I live and it was a delightful experience to say the least.  The owner is a sweet older woman, who spends most of her time in the shop on her quilting machine.  Business must be doing good because when I asked her if they did classes she replied, “When I have time to.  I’m always on my quilt machine, I’m six months behind.”  So good for her!

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Also, it was a breath of fresh air to go into a quilt shop where the prices on fabric weren’t through the roof!  I am so excited to go back and support the quilt shop when I need more fabric for the Zipper and Project Bags I sell online.  Her prices are so affordable.

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Also, she has a small inventory of DMC embroidery floss, so I will try to use her as a resource as well before shopping online.  I ended up buying some fabric from her shop and assured her I would be back soon.  <3



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  1. I have searched all your ads on the internet and have failed to find anywhere that gives your store hours. I will be in your area this week and would like to do some shopping. What are your hours?

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