Where Have I Been?


I moved!  From Colorado to Oklahoma!

I love it here, I would love to go into further detail now, but I have a LOT of thoughts on what I want to say about how and why we moved and where we moved in Oklahoma and well, there is A LOT I would like to say and I would like to say it right.   

So until then you guys,  I am back and I have a lot of other things want to share with you.

This is such an exciting time for me and my family and there are so many things happening in our lives every day that I feel are valuable things to share with the internet.   This is because we really don’t know what we are doing and just exactly what we got ourselves into, in a really good way.  And you know, just when I thought the internet might be full of all the information I could provide it or I might need, I have realized I think there are a lot of holes in the internet I could fill with my mistakes, failures and successes.  I would really love to share a majority of those processes with you.

I have been doing a lot of thinking on my break from the internet and I realized that I think, we as a society, we are tired of watching imperfect people try to be perfect.  Well, at least I definitely am.  Look I am going to say something and I hope it won’t offend any of my readers, but here is an example, you know some of those perfect photoshopped Instagram feeds of home decor and super clean houses that a lot of us love to look at for inspiration but seem unachievable?  Well if you stalk their content, every now and then, you might see that on some of the “perfect looking accounts” that half of their marble is sticker and half of their backsplash is stickers, but unless they have a coupon code, they won’t tell you that and that is just not how I want to be you guys.  If you have sticker and not marble, say “Hey! You guys. Look how great this looks can you believe it is a sticker?!”  And there are those accounts out there, and you know what I follow them and I love them for their honesty.

I am a stay at home mom,  with two young kids, a dog, a husband who works about a thousand hours of over time every year, and now I have a good chunk of land.  What I show here is not going to be perfect. It is going to raw and real.  I am going to try to make it look pretty, but there is a reason I hate paper crafts…I can never get my lines straight.  You know what I mean?  I am going to say the wrong thing at times, but I want to say what I feel and what I am thinking.  I want to give you guys me.  Not what I think the internet thinks would like the perfect me to be.  

My husband told me, if I was really looking at coming back to briannalentz.com seriously, then consider it your own magazine.  He was right and genius for saying that.   I am looking at this as my own magazine, and I am going to post what I want when I want, and I want to give you the best version of me just as I would want the best version of a magazine publication printed, but without the perfect angles and photoshops because I want to share with you, but I don’t have the time to make it perfect and completely unflawed, but I do have the time and will to give you me as I am. 

We are all human, it is good to be human. Let us all fail and succeed together.  Let us put our best foot forward and realize it is ok if the photo doesn’t have the best lighting but the content is legit and that doing what we love with our lives is more important than trying to come off with the perception of perfection because we aren’t and let briannalentz.com come back with a vengeance <3

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