Sewing For kids How To Sew A Pillow Cover

Sewing For kids How To Sew A Pillow Cover

I am creating a Sewing For Kids Series with my daughters Fiona and Julz. Today, Fiona will learn How To Sew A Pillow Cover. We wanted to bring you along in case your or your children might be interested in learning how to sew along with Fiona and Julz as I teach them basic sewing skills through simple and fun sewing projects.

Sewing For Kids

Sewing For kids How To Sew A Pillow Cover

I am a proud homemaker as well as a proud homeschooling parent. One of the main things I want my daughters to learn as we learn continuously in our home is homeskills. My daughters are 10 and 5 almost 6.

Today I needed to recover my three feather pillows in my main living area. We have done some sewing projects in the past a couple of years ago. However, I thought it would be a great idea to start teaching Fiona how to sew with the idea of practicality added to it.

Last week, the girls and I purchased this fabric at Hobby Lobby during their 40% off sale. This week we are immediately using the purchased fabric to remake our pillow covers in a very practical and cost effective way.

How to Sew A Pillow Cover

You can watch the entire project vlog for Sewing For Kids How To Sew A Pillow Cover here:

Fiona learned how to use a rotary cutter safely followed by how to pin two pieces of fabric together.

She learned how to sew a straight line on the machine. How to sew a corner. How to start and stop the machine as well as how to make it go backward.

I taught her two tricks for creating a handmade item versus a homemade-looking item. This was created by reducing fabric bulky in her corners by trimming them down as well as steaming her open seam down before turning to rightsize out. To see more watch our video here.

She learned how to flip the project right side out and the importance of turning out nice corners for a polished finish.

She stuffed her pillow inside her new pillowcase then clipped the open seam closed with wonder clips.

Finally, I taught her to do a whip stitch with coordinating thread for a seemingly invisible closure.

Sewing For kids How To Sew A Pillow Cover

Fiona did a fantastic job! Sewing for kids will be a great series for us to create and hope you come along with us this year!

If you are interested in more projects like How to Sew A pillow cover and would like to see something specific please email me at

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