Christmas Aprons for Kids Using A MADE Everyday Tutorial

I had a blast sewing up two aprons for my girls this December.  I made them a matching pair of aprons in an afternoon following this tutorial by MADE Everyday.

I had spent a couple of hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect apron to make my girls, when finally I remembered to check MADE Everyday and to see if they had a tutorial and sure enough they did.  Originally, I had wanted to make a fun apron to cover their entire fronts but at the end of the day I just did not want to do all that work.  I wanted to make something pretty and simple because like I say all the time

There is beauty in simplicity.

You can watch me make these in this video I uploaded to my YouTube Channel as well as hear me chit chat with you more about this process.

I chose to go with a Christmas themed Apron knowing I wanted them to wear these while we baked Christmas Cookies this year.  I took a ton of pictures and my plan is to print them and frame them to take out and hang every Christmas.  It is becoming more and more apparent just how fast my kids are growing and maturing and knew that I wanted to preserve this moment in time for the rest of Christmas…time if you will.

I also wanted to note that this is a perfect way to Make Your House A Home on A Dime.  I dug these fabrics out of my stash and for me these pretty aprons were free.  Then I dressed them up in a simple black shirt and blue jeans or blue leggings.  These are our Christmas pictures and for me a free photoshoot.

If you don’t have a fabric stash, these fabrics would not cost much to purchase from Wal Mart, and you can refer to the info box of the linked tutorial for the amounts of fabrics you would need to make a child or adult size apron.

I have made 4 more of these aprons using fabric from stash to hopefully sell in my booth at The Rusty Cabin in Savanna, Oklahoma.  They are a fast project and are beginner friendly.

The biggest thing for me in this project was the gathering.  I had never gathered anything before, and honestly if that intimidates you like it did me I highly encourage you to try it.  It was actually the fastest, and for me, the funnest part of this process!

I am very happy with these aprons, but my girls LOVE these aprons even more.  They felt absolutely beautiful in them and I made no fuss over them keeping them clean.  In fact, I loved it when I saw flour get all over them and their shirts.  That is why I chose the black tops to match, I wanted them to have fun playing and baking and seeing them get flour all over was pretty fun for me!

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season as it is flying by!  See you tomorrow <3

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