Cooking With Kids | Marshmallow Cereal Treats | Brianna Lentz on Youtube

What a strange time we are in.  Right?  Our cupboards might be bare with some things and overstocked with some strange things.  So now what?  What do we do with some of these pantry items that we have that we want to use before they go bad?

Why not take a twist on an old classic.  Make Marshmallow Cereal Treats with the marshmallows you have and whatever cereal you need to use up!  That is what we did :). This is an easy and free treat that the kids will have a lot of fun making  and eating with you!  Watch us make ours here and please subscribe as we are uploading new videos to our Cooking With Kids Series on my Brianna Lentz Youtube channel at least once a week!

You know I seem to say this a lot…there is beauty in simplicity…no need to overthink everything <3.

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