That One Time One of My Favorite Thrift Stores Had a 75% Off Sale

One of the many great things about McAlester, Oklahoma is the insanely well priced Thrift and Antique stores.  Last week I shared with you my 3 Gallon Crock find at Treasure Trunk.  This week we decided to walk into a lesser known thrift store, Parent Club, where they have an abundance of product for seriously cheap deals.

Thrift Haul with Burwood, Spinning Wheel, Milk Glass and Frames

The sad thing is, is that I almost missed this opportunity entirely! I had been in the shop late October and bought a couple Christmas things and a chair, and like usual just expected the place to be open forever.  Well, wouldn’t you know they are selling the building and are liquidating the majority of their items in order to move to a smaller location.  The sale has been going on for over a month and I had no idea.  I came in this day to get some hopeful Mixed Media supplies and was horrified to find almost everything gone. Well, almost, everything.

Vintage Frames and Vintage Cross Stitch

I still found a TON of great things. Obviously.  I can’t wait to decorate with these new things after I take down Christmas and add some new ideas to my Make Your House A Home on A Dime Series.  I love these picture frames and I paid probably a dollar for the lot.  I was happy to save the cross stitch piece and will probably be spray painting some of the non wooden frames.  So keep an eye out to see these frames get a new look and a new life to them in the new year.

One of the best things about this shopping trip is the conversation I had with the ladies at the front.  They were shocked at the things I had found still available and asked where the heck did I find this and that.  I just replied, you gotta dig for the good stuff sometimes.  And some of the greatest items were hanging out in plain sight.  The amber oil lamp was sitting on the counter and the cast iron iron bottoms were the ones that had been left behind, the others that had been previously purchased most likely had the matching tops with handles.

Milk Glass Electric Lamp with Flowers

Another item just hanging out front and center is this gorgeous milk glass lamp.  You guys. I bought this beauty for $1.25!  This piece really is my pride and joy of the entire shopping spree.  I may have found a new addiction: Milk Glass Lamps!

I also love that I found two items with a spinning wheel as their subject matter.

The Lesson of this entire story is don’t sleep on your thrift stores and if you go every week, that is how you find the best things and the best deals.  It is also how you don’t miss a 75% off sale that has been going on for a month without you knowing. <3


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