How To Shell and Crack A Pecan

Shelled Pecans How to with Brianna Lentz

The other day I sat down and shelled 2 cups of pecans. These pecans are local to me in Southeastern Oklahoma, if you remember I talked about buying these in my recent post about our first Fall in Oklahoma. I bought these pecans off of a woman on Facebook Marketplace.  She wanted to meet me in the back of the Walgreens parking lot and I said umm how about you come meet me in the front.  And the purchase and exchange was made there.  You can never be too safe people!

In the video you can see me shell an entire pecan from start to finish. Not all of them come out that pretty, but it sure is satisfying when it happens.

I shelled these pecans in preparation for the pecan bread I made, or what I think I will  refer to them to as Pecan Chewy Squares from now on.  These pecans have inspired me to make so many different types of recipes that I have never heard of before as well as inspiring me to go full out detective mode on what the hell makes a brownie a brownie and a blondie a blondie and a chewy square a chewy square.  More on that later,  it deserves it’s own Alton Brown meets Brianna Lentz type post.

Moving along the entire family took part and helped and shell the 2 cups of pecans which took us about an hour.  It truly was hard work and a lot of fun.  I definitely understand and appreciate the value of shelled pecans for twice the money per pound and decided that it is justified in it’s cost.

These pecans are so fresh and so delicious that my kids even gobbled them as we cracked them.  We would have never seen that one coming.

Cracking and shelling your own pecans is very very easy.  It just takes time and effort and if you are ready and willing to put in the time and effort then go ahead and get crackin’ on your own pecans! (get it – get crackin’ … Mom Jokes <3)


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