Transition From Fall to Christmas For Free! With Live Greenery, Nature, Nuts, Items from Your Own Front Yard

I have been seeing a lot of chatter on Instagram about this topic.  People are really planting their flags on whether they are decorating before or after Thanksgiving this year.  Like I have said before, I have decorated before Thanksgiving for the last five years.  And then I said nope. Im not doing it this year and then…. I set up my Hot Cocoa bar yesterday.   I mean come on we only have 30 days until Christmas.  I want to enjoy my cute stuff.  But really, is it a big deal?  I guess to some it is.

And then I saw on someone’s stories explaining that they host all the major holidays at their house, so they didn’t want to full on decorate for Christmas and have the same decorations up for both holidays and I thought that was a really good point.  She said she was transitioning into Christmas, but not going full blown Christmas yet.  And I liked that idea.  So with that in mind, I have come up with a little something for my Make Your House a Home on a Dime Series. Achieve these transition goals for free form things in your own front yard.  It is that easy.

Transition Fall to Christmas 2

This past week my 6 year old and I have been having a lot of fun exploring the seasonal changes on our property, here in Southeastern Oklahoma.   We have a pine tree in our front yard and the last couple of weeks we have gotten a lot of pine cones fall to the ground that are really dry.  My daughter went and got our biggest bowl and I told her to fill it up as much as she could with the best looking pine cones.  She accepted the challenge and she executed it beautifully.    We have a holly berry bush that I debated cutting branches from already, but I ultimately decided to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving and keep a more green vibe until the day after Thanksgiving.  This will give our Thanksgiving dinner that transitional feel.  So I cut some pieces of greenery from some other bushes we have outside in the front of our house. ( I have no clue what these bushes are but they have a waxy and have a sturdy weight to them.  If you know what they are please comment down below.  I would love to know lol.). Anywho, I cut some of those and stuck them around the pine cones to give them a faux wreath feeling to it.  You know what I mean?

Transition Fall to Christmas 3

Next, I purchased some non-shelled pecans from someone locally and I put them in my largest McMoy pottery bowl.  I have them sitting next to each other on my table.  I have 2 natural table decorations that really do bring the beautiful outside Fall vibes inside.  And I really love it.  The pecans could easily be substituted for pears or apples from your tree.  We had previously had a Fall table setting that my daughter had gathered herself and sat on the table for the first couple of weeks of November. It was really enjoyable and all her idea by the way.

I will be following up to this post soon with more natural and live decorations from our yard.  I am thinking about making a live wreath this year with the help of my 6 year old.  She is just so good at these things,  I would practically be lost without her at this point.  Also, I am going to be making something yummy with those pecans soon and be writing an entire post dedicated to those.  They have been so fun to have around and they taste so good.

You know, call me silly but I just realized that the table decorations, well the pecans anyways, would be a great thing to have on your table as a centerpiece with a nutcracker.  Beautiful, Fall to Winter vibes, edible and entertaining!

Also, I just wanted to share one of my most recent finds at Wal Mart.  It is a beautiful Wax Warmer that they just put out for this Holiday season.  It would go perfect if you are doing this type of aesthetic at your house.  It was only $15! I have already been using mine and I am loving it.  I love that I can have this out year round if I wanted to, it has that cozy industrial feel that is so stinking cute to me.


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