Christmas Cards on a Budget

I love sending out Christmas Cards every year to family and friends.  I have done this since we first got married.  It is just fun for me to share a physical picture and a hey I love you in a tangible form.  I don’t upload to Facebook that often, I upload to Instagram all the time but I keep my kids’s faces off of it, same as here.  So it is a great way to share pictures of my kids with loved ones and share their life with them in a non-digital form.

In years past I have done those really cute Walgreens photo collages for the Holidays and that has been really fun to do.  However, this year I have a lot of family members who I want to send photos they can reuse and frame to have up all year round of my family.  Especially since we have moved and bought a home in Oklahoma.

So this year I needed to find a way to send pictures out to friends and family with actual photos that was still really cost effective.  I looked in stores at just getting those regular Christmas cards which, I loved all of the vintage inspired ones so much.  There was one card pack with a vintage Santa smoking a pipe that I adored.  But it was 10 cards for $10 and I was like, um, love it, but no.

Then I found these on Amazon.  It is a set of 36 cards with red foil on the front.  It also says MERRY CHRISTMAS on the front and that was something important to me that my card needed to say on it.  I make sure that my cards say Merry Christmas on them every year.  Anywho, I ordered these off of Amazon on Thursday and they showed up to my mailbox the very next day.

Christmas Card 2019 Image 12

It is a 36 pack Christmas Photo Greeting Card with Envelope.  It holds 5″ x 7″ inserts (and 4″ x 6″ inserts as well).  I have the 4″ x 6″ photo insert in the picture because that is the more cost effective option to send.  But I do want to tell you that I have already ordered pictures from Walgreens this month, with a 50% off everything photo coupon, and Walgreens just sent me an email with that coupon advertised.  This means you can order all your 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″ photos for 50% off.  Use this coupon people! It is one of their best coupons they offer for pictures.

So my Christmas cards this year are multifunctional and that is what makes them so cost effective.  I am able to send out my greeting that says, “Hey, we might not talk all the time, but Merry Christmas and you are important to me and I love you.”  As well as providing them with a reusable photo from my family that they can do whatever they want.  Hopefully keep! Framing is optional lol.

The most expensive part of this whole thing are the darn stamps! But, I even found a way around that too.  Buy one pack of 20 stamps in Christmas gear, and then the 2nd pack buy a fun one.  My family would not be surprised to receive a Christmas Card with a Dino stamp from us I don’t think.  They might just think, “Of course they would” haha.

Christmas Card 2019 Image 13

Do you still send out Christmas cards?  I know a lot of people don’t do this anymore, but I like keeping up with some of the old traditions.  And like I said, this really makes me happy.  I’m not always the best communicator, so this makes me feel better, that I am letting them know we still have them in our thoughts and appreciate them.  <3

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