Chipotle Cubes

Ealier this week I made and posted a recipe for Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas.  In this recipe I used 3 of the Chipotle peppers that were inside.  I love Chipotle and I love this particular brand of Chipotle, which is Embasa.  However, I always have leftovers and am not sure what to do with them because sometimes one Chipotle meal a week is enough when you make make enough food for leftovers throughout the week.

So I was thinking how to I not waste the rest of this can and then I had a great idea.  If I can make Basil Cubes…why not Chipotle Cubes?    Or in this case little Chipotle pineapples lol.

Chipotle Cubes 3

I just chopped the remaining can of chipotle peppers and placed them in my little silicone ice cube mold.  Then I took all the sauce that was left and poured those into the remaining molds and popped it into the freezer over night and removed them the next morning. I place mine in a freezer plastic bag and write chipotle on it so I can easily go in to my fridge and get an easy chipotle cube.

They work great.  I am looking forward to throwing some of these cubes in a quick Bean Burrito soon.  Maybe when I reheat a can of refried beans I will add a cube of chipotle for a nice smoky boost.  Or in a quest dip, add a couple of these chipotle cubes.  That would be good too.

Have you tried freezing your food in ice molds?  It isn’t hard at all.  I think it is a great alternative to wasting food or accidentally letting it spoil before you can get to it.  Be proactive and preserve it.

Chipotle Cubes 1

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