Goodwill Fall Haul – October 2019

The other day I went to go run some errands and I was in the mood to just look around a thrift store.  So I called my husband and asked…warehouse thrift store or goodwill?  He said Goodwill.  Needless to say I called him about two hours later and told him Good call!

My local Goodwill was stocking up their clothes for a sale they were having the next day. Which for half a second I was bummed that I was missing the sale and then realized orange tags were half off and that meant I had prime picking opportunity without the large amount of people who would be in there shopping and then waiting in the long line.  And I scored regardless.

So how much did I pay for all the clothes in these pictures?  Approximately $60!

Goodwill Clothes Haul IMG 5

I paid $28 for 5 pairs of jeans. One pair is Target Mossimo, one pair is a $80 pair of Coldwater Creek jeans, one pair is Jessica Simpson brand and the last 2 of the jeans are Sonoma and A.N.A.  Three out of five of these jeans look and feel brand new.  Incredible.  I can try on 50 pairs of jeans and not find a pair that fit me. This day I brought in 8 pairs to the dressing room and bought 5.  That NEVER happens to me…so yay for me.

Next, I paid approximately $32 for the sweaters and tops you see in the pictures.  3 of these tops are brand new, I am pretty sure they have the texture of having never being washed but have the tags cut.  2 of these sweaters have the tags and stickers still on them from Target and Old Navy, and the plaid jacket cost me $8 of those $32, but it is plaid and more substantial then one of my thinner flannels so I bought it because it will be perfect for doing chores outside in the cool mornings and evenings this Fall and Winter.

I also bought a pair of $15 leggings from Amazon, the brand is literally Amazon Essentials and they fit me so incredibly well.  I don’t have them pictured but they are great and are substantial.  I got a booty, so I am picky with my leggings…you know what I mean?  They are these ones, this link is not affiliated but I thought I would share it anyways because I really like them.

I encourage you to go look at your local Goodwill or Thrift Store today, or this weekend.  They are probably fully stocked with the good stuff.  Do it now! Before there are lot of sales and the weather changes too drastically and everyone is like “Oh crap! It’s cold and I need more clothes!” Go before Jane and Karen and Chad.  Go get it people! Fall wardrobe is out there waiting for you.  Another great way to make Your House A Home on a Dime is to look for all the early Christmas stuff too, or stock up for Fall next year.  TJ Maxx had a lot of stuff clearance when I went there today.  Go get yourself a bargain <3

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