Mature Chickens Update – October 16th 2019

A lot has been going on with our chickens over the last few weeks.  A lot of things have changed and my love for caring and raising chickens has only intensified during this time.

Mature Chicken Update 10.16 IMG 4  Mature Chicken Update 10.16 IMG 2

First of all, all of our mature female chickens now produce eggs.  So we get 2 white eggs, 2 brown eggs and 2 bantam eggs…not every day or every other day.  We consistently get 2 white and 2 brown eggs every day.  The bantams are a bit elusive with their eggs.  Our female bantams are much more wild in spirit than the larger chickens.

Mature Chicken Update 10.16 IMG 5

Here is a picture of our Egyptian Bantam.  Her name is Dot, she is quite beautiful and has quite a personality all her own.  I would describe her as independent and strong willed as well as sweet and graceful.  She has been my oldest daughter’s favorite since she was a chick.

Another update is that we have decided that it was best for our family and our flock that we get rid off all the large roosters.  We have kept the bantam rooster, his name is Chad.  I will have to take a great photo of him this week and talk more in detail about why we chose to get rid of our beautiful roosters.

Mature Chicken Update 10.16 IMG 1

This means our mature flock is down to 7.  We started with 22.  Our dog has a taste for chicken, which caused a lot of problems for us.   It deteriorated our flock number, and ultimately hurt my relationship with my dog.  I love her, but I still harbor a little bit of resentment about that, I think towards my dog and myself a little bit.  It is hard to start something and feel out of control, or what you think is enough isn’t.  But now, we have a system for our chickens and our dog to live together on our property harmoniously.

Our chicks are one month old now and thriving.  I have an update all about them coming soon as well.  I have a lot to say about chickens over the next week or two, so buckle up and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Mature Chicken Update 10.16 IMG 3

Oh, also today is my husband’s and mine 8 year wedding anniversary.  Love him more today than the day I married him.  <3

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