Rustic Pumpkins and Gourds

These pumpkins are one of my most favorite things I have made this year.  I love that they can be pumpkins or gourds because I decorate my house with both.  These were so cheap and easy to make but really bring a lot of depth to my Fall decor.  Also, one of the best parts of them is I can easily take the stem out of the top and use these for my Christmas decor as well.  I love that so much.

Rustic Pumpkins IMG 1

This project is actually what spurred my “I am going to sell all my fancy yarn and I buy a saw!” moment.  Which by the way I am still having that moment and it is going great.

How did I make these?


  • Standard 4 x 4 from Lowes –
    • Sizes cut to 5″, 6″, 7″ lengths tall or to desired length.
  • Wooden Dowel Rod –
    • Cut to whatever size lengths you want for stem.
  • Drill with Spade Bit
  • Wood Stain –
    • My color used is ebony
  • Acrylic Paint – Apple Barrel
    • White
    • Golden Sunset
    • Arbor Green
  • Waverly wax –
    • Color is Antique


  • Cut your 4 x4 into the height you want your pumpkins to be.
  • Sand your pieces lightly
  • Cut your dowel rod down into what lengths you want the stems to be.
  • Use Drill with Spade bit to create hole on top of block for dowel to fit into for the stem.
  • Paint each pumpkin whatever color you like, let dry
  • Cover each pumpkin in the wax, and wipe off immediately for the wax stain to leave a lighter color.  Let dry
  • Stain your dowel rod, or paint them, to whatever color you choose and let dry.
  • Put dowel rod into the top of the pumpkin, glue if you so choose, add a bow for more embellishment if you like.

Rustic Pumpkins 3

You can do a lot to make these your own.  I am sure a lot of people would prefer a bow and more embellishment to theirs.  I tried a bow, but I am not a frills and bows type decorator.  I hope this gave you enough of an idea on how to achieve this look.  There are lot of tutorials out there on this idea, but I like the colors I chose and thought they were different.  I love that they can be taken as pumpkins or gourds and someone might be interested in what colors I used for this look.  If you do take inspiration from this post please share and let others know you got your inspiration from  I am trying to grown my site and that would be so appreciated <3

Rustic Pumpkins 6


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