Well well well … I am posting a TBR.  It has been too long and I am really in the mood to drop everything and just read and write.  Stop crafting and putzing and just keep my house spic and span and clean.  I have got to tell you, the weather dropped 10 degrees and I am like, drop the mic, its time to chill.

But, I love my chickens, and chores and obviously you know I love to spend time with my husband and my kids and I want to bake all the things too.  But after all that, reading and writing has been reprioritized!  I was stressing out you guys, I got into this weird spiral of crocheting all the blankets that I felt like I had to release in color schemes before someone else did and I wasn’t even enjoying it anymore.  It was stressing me out.  It got weird.

So,  I have put my hook away and have brought my cross stitch out and my journal out and have decided also that this Fall I want to commit to reading It by Stephen King.  I have the app Scribd and It is available for me to download as an audiobook which I have already listened to the first chapter and I am already invested.  Which is good because it is 44 hours long!  I also, as you can see, have the physical copy of It.  Which, for me is my favorite way to listen to audiobooks.  I love having the physical copy to physically read at night before I go to sleep.  Also, I thought it would be fun to share that I scored this edition of It, last year,  at a Goodwill in Loveland, Colorado for $1.  I couldn’t even believe it.  I want to collect every single Stephen King book in this publication edition that they come out with. I love it so much.

Moving along, I would also like to read this science fiction short story collection.  Also, another book that I scored for $1 at a Goodwill, last week, here in my town.  This is a Barnes and Noble short story collection and I remember seeing this one and the horror collection book on the tables in store but didn’t buy it so I was so happy to snag this up last week.  I have been doing 15 minute writing challenges almost every day and they have really turned me on to the idea of writing short stories.  However, I really haven’t read that many.  I also read somewhere that said…so you want to write short stories? Well you should read short stories and see what their dynamics are.  And I thought to myself, yes, yes, I should.  So I am and here we are with it on my TBR for Fall.

Last, but not least, I have Hocus Pocus the Sequel.  I bought this book last year, on my birthday via Amazon, which is October 10th,  but never read it.  After Halloween came and went last year I told myself I was GOING to read it in the 2019 Fall season, so here we are.  Keeping promises to myself.


What are you reading?  What are your plans this Fall?   I am really happy with my TBR.  I have a long one, an easy one, and a collection of short ones.  Seems well rounded to me!

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