Our Chickens Lay Eggs!

Do you have a bucket list?  Like a real one?  Like a legitimate these are like 10-ish things I would like to achieve before I die?  Do you and your spouse share like a communal bucket list?  You know, you have your bucket list, he has his and then you guys have yours?  Does your bucket list have subcategories?

Well I have a bucket list, and then Jason and I have a bucket list, we actually also have something that is on a list, that is a list that we wrote the same month we got married and I framed it and it sits in on our dresser in our bedroom.  But that is another list and another story.

One of the things on our communal bucket list was to one raise chickens. Check.  and two raise chickens so we can have our own eggs.  Double check.

Jason is the person to who have found the first egg and it was so fun because we were all at home.  He came running up the stairs of the house, opened up the door and said the entire family had to be outside ASAP!!!! So when he says that… you just do it!  And of course we knew there was nothing wrong, we kind of all had a feeling he found an egg and sure enough he did.  And admittedly he had to tell me to slow down and let the kids go first.  Hey, Im not a perfect mom all the time and I was excited.  Bucket list item here people!

So far, we have one laying bantam and one laying white feathered chicken.  I have done some deep research into my chickens laying process and can also tell you that these chickens like to lay sometime in the evening.  Very scientific data.

I had to share the news!  I love that so many of you have come along our chicken journey with us and I have even more exciting news to share with you later this week.  But our chickens laying their first eggs, deserve a post all to themselves. <3

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