Meyer Hatchery Rare Breed Chick Unboxing Video and Vlog

We ordered 20 rare breed chicks from Meyer Hatchery and I have edited and uploaded my first real video to youtube!


This is so exciting for us.  This is our 2nd go around on chicks and will be an entire new process introducing these new birds to our current flock.  What is most exciting is that all 20 of these birds are female and we will definitely have more of an opportunity for egg producing birds next Spring.  We have so much to share with you about our chickens and I hope you are interested and will want to join the ride with us.

Also, I have to say… making this video was so much fun!  I am falling more and more in love with this entire website and brand building process.  Now that I have edited my first video I know what to expect and I am really interested in getting better and better at it.  It is a ton of fun to see your video clips come together and create a video story.  I can really see how this will be a creative process for me.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel, hit the alert button and please like the video if you did indeed like it lol.  I am looking to bring a lot of the content I am releasing on my website into video format on youtube as well.  Man, what a great way to start the Fall season!

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