Harvest Zipper Pouch or Project Bag Using Wal Mart Fabric

Harvest Zipper Pouch and Project Bag Main Photo

Do you shop the fabric at Wal Mart?  I never did before living in a town where the only place I could get fabric from was Wal Mart because my nearest Joann Fabric Store or Hobby Lobby was over 2 hours away.  That was about 5 years ago and since then I have really become a fan of their cotton fabrics and their prices on fabric.

Recently I have been noticing Wal Mart has really started to change how they sell their fabrics.  New fat quarter bundles and even more recently yardage packages.  This I thought was brilliant because the cutting station was never filled with a person on a regular basis.

Photo of harvest fabrics purchased from Wal Mart 2019

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon their brand new Fall Quilter’s Cotton Fabric line but saw that the fabric I wanted to purchase was almost gone off the bolt and my kids did not have the patience for me to wait and find someone to cut it or see exactly how much remained on the bolt ( I really wasn’t even supposed to be in the craft section…but my cart floated their while picking up milk. So weird.) Anyways, that’s when right below the bolts of Fall fabric I saw they now sell fabric in 1 yard packages for $3.97.  Less than $4 a yard people! I scooped up two coordinating fabrics and was on my way.

Harvest Zipper Pouch and Project Bag photo of bag

I debated between a long pillow cover or a new project bag and clearly I made a new project bag for some cross stitch charts and I even have enough yardage leftover to make my kids an autumnal baking apron.  Which I think I might just do! This large bag size is so great because I can change between crafts and use the same bag seasonally.  I might use this for a crochet sweater project I have ready to go too.

How great it this though?  I pre-washed my fabrics because I always think my kids will spill on my things because why wouldn’t they?  They are 2 and 6!  And honestly the fabric quality is wonderful.  Wal Mart is stepping up their game, I tell you. You know me… I love making a house a home on a budget and this bag was all for me which makes this self love all the sweeter, it was fulfilling and budget friendly 😉


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