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JC Penneys had a $10 off of $25 Purchase Coupon for Memorial Day Weekend.  They have this coupon every few months, and the greatest thing about it is they do not exclude major sales or clearance items from your ability to use this coupon.  This allows you to really double, to even sometimes quadruple , your savings.  

Every time I see this email, I think “Hallelujah!”  It is always at the right time, whether I need some new shirts for me, the girls, or in this case, bathroom towels.

This week I was able to purchase 2 large bath towels and 6 hand towels for $15.92 before tax on their Home Expressions Line.  This means My total discounts amounted to $52.08.  That’s awesome.

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Amazon is selling 6 hand towels for 7.99 or a set of 2 large bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 wash cloths for $19.99.  All the same color towel in each bundle.  I wanted an assortment of colors, so I spent about 50 cents more per towel to choose how many of each color to have a set to match each of my 3 bathrooms.

I know for a fact that I like JC Penney’s towels, so I feel like in this case I wanted to spend my money at JC Penney’s and not risk the product Amazon might send me, the picture reviews didn’t look too great.  The biggest thing for me and buying towels, is I do NOT want my colors to bleed.  And JC Penney’s colors have been pretty solid and not bled in the wash.

The cost break down for the large bath towels were originally $10.00 each.  On sale for $3.99, and after coupon applied the actual purchase amount was $2.45

Each hand towel as originally $8.00 each, on sale for $2.99 and the actual purchase price per towel was $1.84.


I saved a total of $52.08 and only spent $15.92 before tax!

Pretty pleased with this purchase.  Off to the next deal!


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