Why I Chose: Kingston A400 SSD 240GB

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Why did I buy this SSD and what are the specs?

The solid-state drive I purchased was $37.49 on Amazon.

It is a Kingston A400 SSD 240GB SATA 3 2.5” Solid State Drive

At the point of buying the SSD, I wasn’t convinced this upgrade was going to be the solution to the number 1 problem I faced with the MacBook Pro, which was speed.  At my time of purchasing, it was purely theoretical that a SSD would solve my speed problem.  I hadn’t been a believer yet.  So, I purchased on the side of caution and decided not to get strung out on the price of a Samsung.  From what I have read, the Kingston is absolutely comparable to the name of Samsung.  Also, I chose a 240GB storage size and not for a full terabyte.  This is because I don’t think I have the needs for that much storage at this time.  If I choose to upgrade to a larger SSD I will let you guys know why I felt like it was necessary.  If, in fact, that time ever comes.

So what do I think of it so far?

I love it.  It absolutely was the solution I needed to get my MacBook Pro running full speed ahead.  I am running Mojave software on it and I, personally, cannot find anything at fault with it at this point.  I can honestly say this computer feels like it guzzled an energy drink and is ready to accomplish any task I ask it.  And that feels good.  I would highly recommend the Kingston A400 SSD 240 GB.  Also, I will add, that I believe that the company’s website is easy to navigate and is easy to understand for a new person in the computer upgrading world.

I hope you might consider an update for your computer in the future, or realize that if you purchase an older computer you may be able to give it a new lease on life easily, and save yourself a lot of money.  Like I mention in this post, please do research before making any modifications to your computer and make sure that the mods you make are compatible with the type and age of your specific computer model.

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