Valentine Cookies – Made Easy

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Sometimes I think we can overcomplicate things.  And by sometimes I mean all the time. I am definitely guilty.  And somehow I think we can even overcomplicate somethings as simple as a sugar cookie.

But I pose this question to you…why do sugar cookies have to be so dang fancy all the time?  I mean super fancy iced cookies have a time and a place and are pretty…but why can’t we have a little more fun with something as simple as a sugar cookie?

Valentine Cookies Close Up Picture

I, personally, like to come up with cute words or phrases, write them on the cookie in icing and throw some glittery sprinkles on it and call it a day.

For instance, ALWAYS.  My fellow Harry Potter nerds will totally see this and think yes, that should definitely be added to the conversation hearts as a love word.  Because, always.  And yes, I realize I spelled #1Boo wrong to most people…but I like Halloween and I thought it was cute.  And guess what? it was delicious.

By not overcomplicating the cookie the kids get me to make them more cookies and I have more fun with them.  My 6 year old can decorate hers however she wants, and I get pretty cookies that are totally instagrammable and there is no stress! [Except for making sure the phrase or word I write on the cookie is kid friendly and not offensive to anyone. Which is harder than it sounds.]

PS – I like to use the sugar cookie recipe from Mrs. Fields 🙂




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