Cross Stitch Tutorial: Protect Your Stitches With Felt When Using A Q Snap Frame

Another Q Snap with Felt Example

Ever see people using felt in between their work and the Q Snap Frame?  It is for a purpose.  And it is cheap.  One piece of felt cut into quarters can protect your stitches from those sometimes rough edges of your Q Snaps.  Also, if you feel like the tension holding your fabric in your Q Snap has become too loose, the extra bulk from the felt helps with that too.  You can even go crazy and add two layers if so desire!

Supplies Needed:



Step 1

With your scissors, cut each piece of felt in half.  If using pinking shears, pink all around the edges of your felt first.

Pinking shears and felt

Felt cut in half

Step 3

Since we do not want too much fabric hanging over onto our work, cut your new pieces of fabric again, making them a fourth of your original width.  Trim length to size for your Q Snap Frame.

Felt cut in quarters

Step 4

Place cut pieces of fabric in between working fabric and Q Snap. And you are done!

Q Snap With Felt Example

I hope this is helpful to you and happy stitching!




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