From PC to MAC at age 30

From PC to Mac at 30 Series Picture 1

I was recently gifted my first MacBook Pro. A 2012 13” with a Hard Disk Hard Drive at 30 years old.

I have spent my entire computer career using a PC. I learned all that I know about coding on a 5 year old HP Laptop, which by the way, is a solid work horse.

I think it interesting though, that I am 30 and I have an iPhone 7Plus, and have no real clue how to navigate the Mac Operating Software on a MacBook. Everything is Command, not Control. The way you scroll with a Bluetooth mouse is opposite on a Mac from a PC. Everything is super different in a way, and yet super similar in a relative way.

I also thought to myself, how many other people have never learned how to use a Mac Operating System entering their 30s and why is that? Is it because you are die hard PC? Is it because you just know the android and PC interface systems and don’t want to transition? Or is it the price tag of a Mac and you have other things you would rather put the money torward, when your PC is a solid work horse like mine?

For me, personally, I always wanted a Mac. However, my PC worked just fine. So the need to go out and buy a Mac for the sake of having a Mac just never made logical sense to my frugal frame of thinking.

Now, after spending a year slowly finishing my Front End Web Development Track on, I knew I would need a Mac. The need was there because if I am going to apply for a web development job, with no experience or knowledge as to how to navigate a Mac, why would anyone hire me for any kind of a tech job? It seems fairly counterintuitive to me. Thus, it was on my list to get a killer, top of the line Mac, of some kind, in the year 2019. And then I was gifted the ‘ole 2012 MacBook Pro and my frugal heart is still singing.

In the weeks to come I will be posting multiple times in the series of ‘How to Switch From PC to MAC on a DIME’ series. I share the majority of what I learned, and had to learn, in order to upgrade the MAC and bring to all of its glory and be competitive, fast and compatible with today’s technology and Apple’s newest software Mojave, here.

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