Muslin Santas – A Primitive Doll and Country Christmas Craft

Muslin Santas A Primitive and Country Christmas Craft with Brianna Lentz

Last month I shared a book flip through of the 1989 Better Homes and Gardens Country Christmas Craft Book. In that book I shared my wanting to recreate one of their projects in today’s modern world with today’s modern techniques. I did that this week and it is an awesome project! In the video down below I share with you my entire process from start to end as to how I created 5 different Santas including the one they provided in the book. I decided to paint some, leave some drawn, machine embroider one and hand embroider another. Each technique created a very unique looking Santa and all together created a very eclectic group of Santas for display. I love love love how this project turned out and I think you might have guessed it already… I have so many more ideas for this base project. Stay tuned for more!

Right here are the links I promised you if you would like to download the Santas I drew with my own design and creativity.

I hope you enjoy this video and DIY process. I have many more to share with you, probably one a week for a while. Enjoy <3

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  1. This one I can totally do!! Thank you, Brianna! 🙂
    Yours look wonderful and I thank you for all your posts. It’s so great to see you and hear your voice. Hugs to you and your family! Lyn <3

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