Life and Death on the Farm |Oklahoma Summer 2020

What a beginning to July we have had.  We had a wonderful opportunity to go visit family in Colorado and had a fabulous time!  The kids and I have not left the farm since we moved in last March.  However, my husband Jason has, with his having to go on work trips, we have set up a system of what to do when he leaves. But all of us leaving at the same time changed our routine entirely.  And let me tell you, with changes to systems in place…things happen.  You can be as prepared as you think is possible, but sometimes a change in routine is all it takes for simple circumstance to become fatal.  With all of this build up all I will say is due to an unfortunate accident we have only 8 mature chickens in our flock remaining.  So, what is the good news?  We have a duck that survived, as well as our 6 guinneas.

The even better news?  One of our bantam hens became broody and successfully sat a nest for the full 21 day incubation period!  And guess what else?!  Her chicks hatched the day after we got back!!!!  We now have 5 bantam chicks on the farm with a very good mama!  It is just so wonderful.  Life and death on the farm is a very real theme to our week

Also adding to our theme of our week, and for this month of July, Jason and I have checked a new item off of our bucket list.  We had the opportunity to go in on a pig financially and get half of a pig processed.  We paid a fair price for 56 pounds of  a Tamworth pig.  This allowed us to stock our freezer for a more than fair price.  Now the question is…do we raise pigs our selves?  Maybe that is in our near future!  We shall see 🙂

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