Upcycled Coffee Table to Fit in With A Flea Market and Cottage Decorated Home for Less Than $50 Total

This past week I have been on a mission to find and upcycle some furniture for my home.  We spend a lot of time and money and resources on the outside of our home, on the land, on the animals and just outside activities in general.  It is easy sometimes to not prioritize upgrading certain things inside that really don’t need to be upgraded but could be.

Coffee table Brianna Lentz

A coffee table is a great example of one of these things.  Do we need one…no…could we benefit from having one…yes.  So I found one on Facebook in a local Buy Trade and Sell Group. This gal was selling her table for $40 – it was wood.  Jason said you should definitely message her, and well the rest is history.

The next day while Jason worked in the garage I decided to get cracking on this project.  I am in this new phase of life where if I buy something to work on, it gets done pretty quickly.  I like this new stage of life.  My 30s are way better than my 20s so far, even with all the crazy that is 2020.

Coffee Table Brianna Lentz 2

Moving on.  I sanded it, wiped it down, painted it and I waxed it.   The picture above is a better look at what I did with an almost dry brush technique as well as it is a better picture of the wax I used.   This wax was purchased just this past week at Wal Mart in their craft section. This project was completed in 24 – 30 hours.  Having the Oklahoma heat dry everything seemingly instantaneously helped move things at a rapid pace.

If you are interested in watching my process video that is less than 3 minutes long, go ahead and click here or click the video down below.  You can visually see me make this table into the new aesthetic that it is.  Except for one part – the top.  I got so excited to just go for an idea off a whim that I forgot to turn my camera on.  Do you do that too?  Just go for it and think later.   It is a great video and I love this table.  Another great example of how you can make your house a home on a dime.  Click here to see more of my projects for my home that we have completed on a dime.



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