We decided to DIY our Farm Table for our dining area.  By DIY I mean we decided to sand, stain and paint a picnic table and bring it inside our house and you tell me if you would have thought it was a picnic table or a farm table at first glance.

Farm Table DIY Brianna Lentz

We absolutely love this table! Our family is a family of four very active people.  My husband and I are always go go going and we have a 7 year old as well as a 3 year old. As much as we would have loved to have bought or have had Jason make a custom farm house table we decided to play it a little safer and a little funkier and go with this option.  I didn’t want to take away the freedom of our kids being rougher as they ate and I didn’t want to stress about the scratches and the dents that will inevitably occur at the dinner table with young and rambunctious kids.  We love the size of this table too! It is so dang functional for us!

Brianna Lentz DIY Farm Table

Now I have to be honest here.  I was not convinced of this idea at first.  This idea was Jason’s and at first I thought he was nuts and then I let go of the regular perceived idea of what is conventional and then realized his idea was totally us – outside of the norm and again working a little bit smarter and not harder if I do say so myself.


We stained the top and put mineral oil onto the wood.  That wood is the natural color of the picnic table kit and it was enhanced by the natural stain and mineral oil.  Jason goes into further detail about what he applied in the video that is now live on my youtube channel.  We then painted the bottom parts of the table white, a very light country white.  I decorated my dining room with contrasting and coordinating colors to further enhance the statement this table and it’s color brought to this space in my house.

Here is the video you guys… I hope you enjoy it and please it would be so wonderful if you subscribed to my channel.



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  1. How absolutely beautiful and practical!
    What a peaceful dining area, made with Love. ❤️

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