Lowe’s Clearance Mailbox Gave Us a Brand New Look

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The other day we were at Lowe’s looking for supplies for a project in our queue and decided to look at mailboxes because we were in desperate need for a replacement.  We were getting an idea of what we would like and what was practical for living where we live and the weather we have out here in Southeastern Oklahoma and how much it would cost.  We were ready to leave and go check out when we both saw this box standing in the aisle with a yellow sticker on it.

I think both of our eyes just about bulged out of our heads when we read the price.  We didn’t care what the darn mailbox looked like for $7.80.  Anything was an upgrade compare to the mailbox that we have had since we moved in.  Look at the pictures below.  If you look closely you can see someone shot the mailbox with a shotgun before moved in. Super Classy, but it had to go.

Even the cashier couldn’t believe the price we were paying for this item.  The mailbox we purchased is a Step2 Mailmaster Plus Plastic Mailbox with Gray Finish.  This mailbox retails on Amazon and Wal Mart for $41.99. We paid just about $10 total when all is said in done after installation with screws and new reflective stickers.

We couldn’t be more pleased.

Now, the question is why was this reduced so low?  Because this item was used, returned to the store as used and sold as used.  There are some light scratches on this mailbox it is clearly not brand new.  Now, the reality is we live in tornado country and we live in the country and this mailbox is hanging out on the side of a highway.  For $10 we got a “brand new mailbox” and you wouldn’t even know there might have been scratches on it if I hadn’t told you huh?

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Keep your eyes open all the time and don’t feel stupid for going down the aisles of things you want to buy in the future but can’t justify putting that item on the top of the list to replace.  We would have waited at least 3 more months before replacing our mailbox, but we decided to take a risk and say yes to a steal of a deal.

Yet again we were able to Make Our House A Home On A Dime.  Click here to read about more ways we have been able to make our House A Home A Dime with my Series <3


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  1. Such a great story. You had me when someone shot your old mailbox. With a shotgun. I almost cried. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Love you. Dad

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