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I find it really hard sometimes to find the most simple and straightforward things on the internet.  For example, I wanted to make a very simple knit hat for my 2 and half year old and most of the patterns I found had all the bells and whistles and I do not enjoy knitting enough to figure out all the bells and whistles.

I just wanted to make a super cute and simple hat for my toddler to wear when we go play outside.  Why worsted weight yarn?  Because that is what most of my stash consists of.  Yes, I could have crocheted her a hat, but I also just felt like knitting something simple and easy and I wanted the look of a knit hat for her. Oh hey, by the way, this ties in to my running series of How to Make Your House a Home on a Dime.  You can make this wool hat for $3~. Just sayin’

I understand crochet and am versed enough in crochet to see a pattern and adjust it entirely to fit my specic needs, however knitting to me is really difficult and I do enjoy it but I like to stick to the pattern exactly and want the pattern to spoon feed me exactly what to do – or have a pattern that is cut and dry and to the point… like most of my recipes and patterns.  That is just how I like those things to be – it makes everything very clear for me without the fluff.

Toddler Knit Hat Julz 2019 2

SO HERE YOU GO INTERNET, a very simple and direct Toddler Knit Hat Beanie Pattern and it is free <3


  • Yarn : Worsted Weight yarn — I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in colorWhite/Multi
  • Knitting Needles: Size 6/ 4mm 16″ Circular Needles and Size 6 DPNS
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Stitch Marker
  • Pom Pom is optional — I used a faux fur pom pom from stash


  1. With 16″ Circular Needles cast on 80 Stitches. Place your marker and join in the round.
  2. Knit in 2 x2 ribbing for 1.5″ Inches.
  3. Knit all stitches for 3-4″ (if your child has a large head definitely do at least 3.5″ inches knitting. I did 3″ and my child is smaller and is in the 50 percentile at her 2 year old check up and 3″ fits her perfectly at 2 1/2 years old.
  4. Start decreases/shaping
    • Round 1 – *Knit 8, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 2 –  and all even rounds – Knit every stitch.
    • Round 3 – *Knit 7, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 5 – *Knit 6, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 7 – *Knit 5, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 9 – *Knit 4, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 11 – *Knit 3, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 13 – *Knit 2, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 15 – *Knit 1, K2TOG, repeat from * to end.
    • Round 16 – *K2TOG, repeat from * to end. 8 stitches should remain
  5. Cut yarn leaving 10 inch tail. Using you tapestry needle, pull tail through remaining stitches, and towards the inside. Weave in ends.
  6. Attach your pom pom if you choose to and you are all done!


Toddler Knit Hat Julz 2019 3

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