Atonement Soundtrack

Do you have that one story that you are obsessed with entirely? Maybe you have a writer or director or composer?

I love Tim Burton, I love Stephen King, I love Bukowski, I love Palahniuk, and I love most movies by Focus Feature Films. I had a good 5 year period where I was completely obsessed with the book Frankenstein and all that it would take for us to become monsters is for us to lose our humanity. I had a good 10 years of being obsessed with Forest Gump, I even went so far as to buy the movie on Laserdisc from a library sale in college. Didn’t even know laserdisc existed at the time…but it was Forest Gump so I bought it.

But, one of the main stories that has withstood the test of time for me (besides Frankenstein) is Atonement by Ian McEwan. First of all, Ian McEwan is a fantastic author, go check him out if hard hitting contemporary is your thing. It is totally my thing.

Second of all, I think the movie is beautiful. I think the book is better, because well the book was called Atonement for a reason…and it only makes sense if you read the book. Just saying. And the soundtrack is one of my favorite albums of ALL TIME.

I have done some of my most favorite writing when listening to the Atonement soundtrack. If you like the sound of a typewriter, I highly suggest you listen to it. It is beautiful and relaxing and different. It is is happy, riveting and sad.

Go check it out and give it a listen. You might regret it, but then again you might not.

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