Bird’s Nest Beauty

This post is basically just me wanting to share pictures of the Bird nest I found while playing fetch with my dog.  I was going to try to come up with something really deep and thoughtful and purposeful, hense the title and really…I just wanted to post about how cool I thought it was to find an old bird’s nest randomly in my front yard.

Bird Nest Post 2

I found it under this big tree in the middle of our front yard and it was clearly dropped from the barren branches hanging in the air above where it fell.  I have never found a bird nest organically anywhere before so for me I was like a big kid with this momentous discovery, nothing short of The Goonies.  I ran inside to tell my 6 year old and she was like oh wow cool mom… there is a bird’s nest in our front yard.  We have two of those at school….


Bird Nest Post 3

But whatever, the internet cares. Right?  I thought so. I knew you would get it.



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