First Frost in Oklahoma – October 12th 2019

Oklahoma First Frost 2019

Today has been an amazing day and it only 9:00 am so I will take it and run with it!  I have two daughters, one is 6 and one is 2.  These girls never sleep in, however I dream of the days of when I used to, and they did this morning!  My 6 year old woke up and said mom, I slept in!  She was literally excited that she let herself sleep past 6am.  After moseying out of bed, with more sleep in our eyes than usual, we let our dog outside, all of us there to let Daisy out the back door to then wait and see if she was in the mood to come back inside immediately or not.  She is they type of dog who will dip her toe in and wait to let us see if she thinks the water is too cold or too hot so early in the day.

When we opened the door this particular morning, all of us were hit with this sharp cold chill and were surprised to see a brand new color on our backyard view – white!  Fiona, our 6 year old, only knowing  Falls and Winters in Northern Colorado immediately exclaimed, “Mom, I need to go get my hat and scarf!” because she only knew of a scene like that to be snow.  I had to explain to her it was frost and and then says, “Oh my gosh! Jackie Frost was here!” And, then to disappoint her once again, just seconds after the last disappointment, I had to say well…”Jack Frost was here…” and she didn’t seem too thrilled that it was Jack and not Jackie.

Regardless of the highs and lows within 30 seconds of our first frost in Oklahoma, it is beautiful.  The colors are whimsical, and it provides another opportunity of exploration of experience in our new state.  Weather is one of the biggest learning curves and hardest things to adapt to in a new state.  Last year in Colorado, we were sweeping and stepping in snow, wearing Jackets, gloves, hats, jeans, snow shoes, long sleeves, and red noses this week.  This year, I turned the heat on for the first time at my house today!  I love that though, I love the transitions and new learning experiences.

Chicks during First Frost

The big chickens survived the night, as did all the little chickens who are a month old now.  Every one was up and moving around.  I didn’t get outside to take more pictures until close to 9, so the front yard pictures are taken as the frost is melting, but it was beautiful to see the freeze melt off the tree branches in the front yard and here all those drip, drip, drip, drip noises as you walked around.

Picture of Frost in our Front Yard

  Fall has Fallen


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