Cross Stitch Plans October 2019

Cross Stitch Plans October 2019 Main Photo

I have a lot of fun Cross Stitch Plans for October 2019 as well as a lot of crafty plans in general for this month but I want to just leave those spontaneous.

Over the Summer I did so much planning for my website for Halloween that I am kind of over Fall stitching right now.  I just finished my October Calendar girl by Little House Needleworks and I will share that FO on Instagram soon. Right now she is very wrinkly lol.  I do not plan on fully finishing her this year because I want to do the entire set for my daughters and want them to be all finished the same…I just don’t know exactly yet.  I want the set to be timeless.

Anyways, moving on to the top of which this post is titled- What are my stitchy plans?

I have a TON of firsts this month.

First on the agenda, is my very 1st Mill Hill project (as seen in the main photo) which is also my very first project using beads. I am more excited than nervous to start using beads.  I have really been eyeing Mirabilias and I thought I need to knock out some Mill Hills and get comfortable.  Also, I really need more ornaments on my tree and I love the idea of eventually having a tree in my house full of handmade ornaments filled with mine and my children’s handmade projects.  Oh man, that just gives me all the good Christmas feels just thinking about it.  I am really loving the process of this ornament so far.  I just started it on Saturday and I am giving myself about 15 minutes a day to work on it.  I am in no rush, but it is fun and I love it.

Dimensions Petites Kit Moonlit Cabin Work in Progress

Next on my list, I actually also started on Saturday!  I filmed an unboxing video for this Moonlit Cabin Dimensions Petites kit.  I am in love with this scene.  I really love snowy cabins, its so romantic and it is just so simple.  Simple living and pleasures with nature.   This is another first Dimensions petites kit and my first time stitching on 18 count Aida.  So far I am really enjoying it.  I was looking over the pattern yesterday and I think about 40% of this project is in half stitch so that is great because this is also my first full coverage-ish project.

Cross Stitch Dragon and Castle Materials Photo

My daughter really loved the cross stitch finishes I gave her last week, and was already asking for a stitched dragon from one of the kits I was looking at on eBay.  But for the price I looked to see if there was something else out there that I thought she might like better and I found this pattern.  It is quite popular it looks like on Etsy, but I have never seen it be stitched on floss tube or instagram.  I have never bought a downloadable cross stitch pattern off of Etsy and then kitted it myself.  So yet again, another first.  I told my daughter that if she really liked it then I can stitch it as a present for her birthday in December…So this project has a real deadline…December 16th this has to be Fully Finished!  I am really looking forward to this stitch, it is so whimsical I love it.

Brianna Lentz Christmas Cross Stitch Project Bags in Progress

With all of my listed cross stitch plans, I also have a lot of plans to list more Cross Stitch bags in my Etsy Store – BriannaLentzShop on Etsy <3 .  I just cut these two out yesterday.  They are my 12″ flat zipper bags with 6″ Notions pouch set.  These and others will be listed in my shop next week.


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