Drive Way Fishing in Oklahoma – Labor Day Weekend 2019

This Labor Day Weekend we took advantage fo the fact that my husband, Jason, was actually off to enjoy the holiday weekend.  Sunday we did all kinds of things on our property.  I shared some of our explorations yesterday, in this post.

Drive Way Fishing Still Shot

We also did a little of what my husband likes to call, Drive Way Fishing.  We have a drainage ditch in the front of our property at the beginning of our driveway along the state highway and we have seen tadpoles and minnows in there since the beginning.  We have thought about trying to catch some of the fish in there to see what is in there but when we saw this video, Rescuing Tons of Fish From Dried Up Creek, from Arms Family Homestead, we were like wow! I wonder what could be in ours too!

Drive Way Fishing Green Sun Fish

So a couple weeks later the stars aligned and Jason made it happen.  We bought this trap from Wal Mart and two buckets, hoping for a grip of fish. Turns out we didn’t need the buckets this time but they did catch a big ‘ole Green Sunfish!

Drive Way Fishing Jason and Fiona

My oldest daughter who is six years old, thought this was the coolest thing ever.  Her and her dad were able to throw this trap they had just bought from Wal Mart that morning into the water she stares at every day and catch a Green Sunfish in that same water!  I can’t even imagine what kind of thoughts that ignited for her, what fishing possibilities she must see as we drive the country roads.  The older she gets the more independent she will become and can say “hey, mom! hey dad!  Let’s fish that spot!  There could be something huge in there!”  Amazing.


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