Dollar Tree 2019 Fall Haul

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I walked into Dollar Tree to buy my 6 year old a single puzzle.  That was it.  It was supposed to be a quick in-and-out type of thing, and then it turned into a stop and shop type of moment as soon as I saw the Fall stuff was out today!  Oh my goodness you guys I have been searching for the early Fall finds every time I am in a big town and all that I have been able to get a Fall High from was Hobby Lobby.  Which, by the way has enough Fall merchandise to max out all my credit cards because all though they have a lot of beautiful things, girl those beautiful things are expensive.  I should share what I got from their line this year on another post for a pretty great deal, because I do have a series about making your house a home on a dime… hmm…..

Anyways, I am here to tell you that a lot of what I found today was comparable to the quality of some things at Hobby Lobby.  Not everything but enough for me to buy like a greedy green ginger and say mine mine mine every time I put something in my cart knowing I just so happened to walk into Dollar Tree for the first time of my life on time for the season.

I love to shop before I go into stores via what other people find on the internet and that is why I am posting this today.  So maybe you guys can get an idea of what might be hitting your local Dollar Tree soon.  I live in Southeastern Oklahoma, and I am curious to know what might be hitting others stores that mine doesn’t have.  Granted, they just might not have it yet.  Also, out of curiosity, do you follow Halloween Instagram accounts?  Maybe I should talk more about that later too.  😉

So here it is:

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I truthfully came right home and decorated my front sitting room already. I’m ready for Fall, my oldest started 1st grade, its hard not to feel like it should be September even if it was 100 degrees today.

Those little pumpkins make the trip to Dollar Tree worth it alone.  I was so impressed by those pumpkins they were so nice.  Also, I cannot wait to paint those adult Painting Sets.  It is so exciting to me that they created those for adults. The sign I am hoping to do something fun with and change it up a little bit. For now it is pretty to look at as it is.

They didn’t have any plates out or anything like that besides the napkins I bought…which means I will have to check back in later this week because I love a good matching paper plate and napkin set from Dollar Tree.  Also, I bought 6 sets of those leaf lights.  I used to only buy 1 or 2 boxes of lights.  Not anymore, if I am going to commit to buying lights I am buying at least 6.  I have no idea how I am going to use those yet…but I am sure I will post about it on Instagram when I do.  My handle is @Brianna_lentz

Would you be interested in seeing how I have started to decorate for Fall in the new house?  Good, I am glad you are because I am sure I have more posts to come about it soon <3 <3 <3

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